Pam's Picks - Best Tweener/Middle-Grade books of 2010

Here's my list of The BEST Middle-Grade Books that I read in 2010. (Most of these would also be suitable for Tweeners.)

Out of this list of 33 there are quite a few books that would fall into the Historical Fiction category. I've noted these --by putting them in green -- because they make great additions to history studies. Those books that I thought were OUTSTANDING have **'s of glory.

In the order I/we read them:

1. Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan (historical fiction that both La-la and I enjoyed)
2. Odd and the Frost Giants
3. Keepers of the School: We the Children

4. Dead Guy Spy (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie)

5. Brian's Return
6. Brian's Hunt
7. The Rifle
(This one not recommended for Tweeners)
8. Mr. Tucket
* (great boy-friendly series)
9. Notes From the Dog
** (exceptional!)
10. Call Me Francis Tucket
(in the Tucket series)
11. Tucket's Ride
(in the Tucket series)
12. Tucket's Home (in the Tucket series)
13. George Washington's Socks (outstanding historical fiction) *
14. Marvin Redpost, Kidnapped at Birth (didn't like this one, it's a series though)
15. Bug Boy *
16. Horse: A Genuine and Authentic Guide

17. Life-size sharks and other underwater creatures (fun book!)
18. Alcatraz versus The Evil Librarians (fun boy-friendly book in a series)
19. Trouble River
(historical fiction, American West)
20. Shiloh **
(historical fiction, 19th Century, award winning book in a beloved series)
21. Sign of the Beaver
22. Red Pyramid **
23. Stinker from Space (scifi classic)
24. George's Marvelous Medicine
(not my fave R. Dahl)
25. Black Jack: the Ballad of Jack Johnson
(poem, early 19th Century)
26. Ender's Game: Battle School a graphic novel
27. The Witches Kitchen ** (by Allen Williams. Not for tweeners)
28. Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave
29. Romeo and Juliet for kids **

30. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth *
You wouldn't want to be a crusader! *
32. The Amulet of Samarkand : a Bartimaeus graphic novel
A World Without Heroes ** (pre-order. Brandon Mull fan's will love this one)
34. Hamlet ala Brendan P. Kelso **

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