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by Rachel Renee Russell

A Wimpy Kid for girls! Nikki Maxwell navigates the halls of middle school.

Book #1
bookcover of Dork Diaries - Tales from a Not So Popular Party GirlTALES FROM A NOT-SO-FABULOUS LIFE
4.14 avg rating — 11,390 ratings

14 year old Nikki Maxwell is a character many girls can relate to.  She tries to be popular in school, and she argues with her mom about getting a cell phone.  What's great is that she writes and sketches in her diary about her struggles.  (And eventually figures out that it's best just to be herself.)

Reading Information:
Word Count: 29,745
Page Count: 288
Accelerated Reading level: 5.4 / points: 5.0
AR quiz: 132957
Lexile: 890L

Cronicas De Una Vida Muy Poco Glamurosa 
(Dork Diaries: Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous Life)
no reading information available

Book #2
4.27 avg rating — 9,334 ratings

Filled with the stuff girls face.  Crushes on lab partners... kooky plans... boy-crazy friends, and  pesky little sisters. 

Word Count: 24,123
Page Count: 288
Accelerated Reading level: 5.1 / points: 4.0
AR quiz: 137932

Cuando No Eres La Reina De La Fiesta Precisamente 
(Tales From A Not So Popular Party Girl)
no reading information available

Book #3
4.33 avg rating — 6,491 ratings

Aggh!  Nikki's nemesis is MacKenzi, and MacKenzi isn't a very nice person.  When Nikki enters a talent contest, Mac threatens to tell EVERYONE that Nikki's dad is only an exterminator.

Word Count: 27,459
Page Count: 320
Accelerated Reading level: 4.9 / points: 4.0
AR quiz: 144765
Lexile: 770L

Book #3.5
4.34 avg rating — 1,844 ratings

Nikki has lost her diary, and in the process of looking for it, she gives tips on writing and keeping a diary.

Word Count: 11,627
Page Count:184
Accelerated Reading level: 4.4 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 149466

Book #4
Tales From A Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess #4 

4.43 avg rating — 3,295 ratings

Nikki's crush, Brandon, lets her know that the animal shelter where he volunteers is going to be closed for lack of funds.  The gang gets together to try to win a skate contest that features a nice $$ prize.  But with MacKenzi interfere?

Word Count: 28,373
Page Count:  368
Accelerated Reading level: 4.5 / points: 4.0
AR quiz: 152355
Lexile: 750L

Book #5
bookcover of Tales From A Not-So Smart Miss Know-It-All  (Dork Diaries #5)
4.50 avg rating — 2,917 ratings 

It's all convoluted in this one.  Nikki joins the school paper because she doesn't want MacKenzi to blab about her crush on Brandon.  As it works out she becomes the Miss Know-It-All columnist... a role she's not exactly prepared for.  Will her friends be enough help?

Word Count: 28,356
Page Count:  321
Accelerated Reading level: 4.7 / points: 4.0
AR quiz: 154900

Book #6
Tales From A Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker 

4.53 avg rating — 1,120 ratings

True teen angst.  The dance is coming up and Brandon hasn't asked Nikki.  Does that mean he's asked MacKenzie?

Word Count: 28,726
Page Count: 
Accelerated Reader: 4.2 / points: 4.0
AR quiz: 159057
Lexile: HL690L

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