Easy Books about George Washington

We are happy to add this list of easy readers about George Washington to our other lists that feature famous Americans. You should note that the Ashleigh Hally book has not been published as of this date (January 2012), and that two of the books (the Rothman and Dahl books) are basically out of print, and probably won't be available for use unless your local library carries them. We've included the basic information just in case.

Remember George Washington
by Cynthia Rothman (We've included this book's rating because your library may have it.)

Reading Information:
Word Count: 107
Accelerated Reading level:  1.5 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 77777

by Barbara Knox
(First Biographies)

I really liked Ms. Knox's biography of Lincoln, however our local libraries do not carry this volume of the First Biographies series. I assume it follows the structure of the other books which feature images on the left-hand pages and text on the right. If the pattern is true you'll also find a timeline along the bottom of the main pages. It is repeated for every set of pages, the difference being that as the narrative proceeds, the line gradually acquires dates. You can see a sample page and the Lincoln review here.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 196
Page Count: 24
Accelerated Reading level: 2.1 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 70356
  • Publisher: Capstone Press (2006)
  • ISBN-10: 0736833838

bookcover of Ashleigh Hally's George WashingtonGeorge Washington
by Ashleigh Hally

This book will be published in 2012. You might want to keep an eye out for it.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 534
Page Count: 24
Accelerated Reading level: 2.1 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 147523

by Lola M. Schaefer

There are two books in this list at the AR 2.3 level. This one and Cassie Mayer's. Personally I prefer the Schaefer book as it contains more information, however the Mayer book, with it's super simple sentences, might serve some children better.

This book does a good job of balancing information about Washington with information about the times he lived in. I thought it did a good job of explaining why the wars occurred. Schaefer explains that, "[T]he Virginia army helped Great Britain fight France. The countries fought over land", and "[C]olonists grew tired of Great Britain's laws".
Table of Contents
Mount Vernon
The Revolutionary War
President Washington

Note to Parents and Teachers
Words to Know

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Index/Word List
See a sample page below. With most browsers if you click on the picture, the image will be enlarged so you can easily examine it.

Exclusive GoodbooksforKids Excerpt from Schaefer's George Washington

Reading Information:

Word Count: 272
Page Count: 24
Accelerated Reading level: 2.3 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 31810
Lexile: 360L
  • Publisher: Pebble Books (1998)
  • ISBN-10: 0736881115

by Cassie Mayer

Mayer's editors chose to use one and two sentences per page to cover the life of Washington and the early history of the United States. She writes, for example, "[W]hen Washington was a child, he moved to a farm", and on another page: "[T]he colonies became a new country. They became the United States of America."

In general, the book is colorful and there is artwork on every page which will make the book a good choice for some beginning readers.

exclusive GOODBOOKSFORKIDS excerpt from Cassie Mayer's George Washington
Table of Contents
Early Life
The Colonies
End of the War
The American Revolution
A New Country
Why We Remember Him

Picture Glossary
Reading Information:
Word Count: 250
Page Count: 24
Accelerated Reading level: 2.3 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 118908
  • Publisher: Heinemann-Raintree (2007)
  • ISBN-10: 1403499810

  • Library Binding: 24 pages
  • Publisher: Heinemann Library
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN-10: 1432906569

by Michael Dahl

This is one that might be difficult to locate.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 281
Page Count: 24
Accelerated Reading level: 2.3 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 73200
Lexile: NP
  • Publisher: Picture Window Books (2003)
  • ISBN-10: 1404801286

by Nicole Boyd

We are trying to track this one down. If you have a copy we'd welcome your comments.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 200
Page Count: 12
Accelerated Reading level: 2.4 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 52219
  • Publisher: Rosen Publishing Group (2001)
  • ISBN-10: 082398205X

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