LITTLE RED HEN books for Kindergarteners

THE LITTLE RED HEN is one of the classic tales of childhood.  Here are two versions for young readers to practice with.

**note: the plot in these super simple books isn't always crystal clear, so it's best I've found to discuss and read a more advanced version of the story first. 

bookcover of THE LITTLE RED HEN  by Michèle Dufresne
by Michèle Dufresne

Your local library might have this book. It's the easiest one available.

Reading Information:
Word Count:  96
Page Count: 16
Accelerated Reader: 0.4 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 158499

bookcover of the NOT I, NOT I  by Margaret Hillert
(Beginning to Read-Fairy Tales and Folklore)

by Margaret Hillert
illustrated by Diana Magnuson 

Love, love, love Margaret Hillert. Her little primers manage to tell a story with very few words, and this pre-primer will build confidence and delight small children with it's bright colors.

sample page from NOT I, NOT I by Margaret Hillert (
Word Count: 250
Page Count: 32
Accelerated Reading level: 0.7 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 9386
Lexile: BR

compiled by Pam
updated February 2014