Dav Pilkey's books at the Second Grade level

Dav Pilkey is really prolific; which is good because kids love his books and he really appeals to some of those 'reluctant' readers.

The fact that there are so many books though, makes for some awkward list constructions. This list, for example, we admit is awkward. But we need to address books-in-series as well as books that are singles without committing the 'Google sin' of duplication. So bare with us.

Immediately below you'll find brief descriptions of what levels the series are at. Then we've got listed the 'extraneous' singles, Paperboy and Ook and Gluk. Enjoy!

Super Diaper Baby - this entire series is at the second grade level.
Dumb Bunnies - three of the four books in this series are at the second grade level. The remaining book is AR 3.1
Dragon series - this list isn't up yet, but some of the books are at the 2nd Grade level.
Ricky Ricotta - the first book of this series is at the second grade level. The rest are at the 3rd and 4th Grade level.

bookcover of Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future by Dav PilkeyADVENTURES OF OOK AND GLUK, Kung-Fu Cavemen From The Future

This is a more sophisticated story from Dav. It deals with time travel and environmental issues, and I enjoyed it, although I'm sure there are a few concepts here that younger readers might not fully grasp. Which is not to say that there's not plenty of goofy humor, such as those hilarious sign rearrangements.

The story is that an evil corporation from the future has arrived at 500,001 BC to make money from Caveland, Ohio. Ook and Gluk take offense and find a portal zip to the future where they find things environmentally devastated. Fortunately they have friends -- a dino named Lily and a Kung Fu instructor known as Master Wong -- and they manage to save the day.

Word Count: 4,373
Page Count: 176
Accelerated Reading level: 2.5 / points: 1.0
AR quiz: 138974
Lexile: GN420L
  • Publisher: The Blue Sky Press
  • ISBN-10: 0545385776
  • sample pages available

bookcover of Caldecott Honor winner PAPERBOY by Dav PilkeyPAPERBOY

Caldecott Honor (1997)

A quieter tone to this book. The story depicts the bond between a paperboy and his dog and captures the dreamy feeling of being outside before dawn as the rest of the world awakens.

Readin Information:
Word Count: 372
Page Count: 32
Accelerated Reading level: 2.9 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 18642
Lexile: AD530L