TOY STORY (Disney) books at the Kindergarten reading level

There is only one Disney "TOY STORY" book at the pre-primer level and this is it.

bookcover of TOY TO TOY (Toy Story #3) by Tennant RedbankTOY TO TOY
(Toy Story #3)
by Tennant Redbank

Meet Buzz, Woody, and the rest of Andy's toys. Here is some sample text from three pages:
These are Andy's toys.

Woody is a cowboy.
He wears a cowboy hat.

Buzz is a space man and
Woody's best friend.
Reading Information:
Word Count: 128
Page Count: 32
Accelerated Reading level: 0.8 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 137780
  • Publisher: RH/Disney (2010)
  • ISBN-10: 0736426655
  • sample pages available

compiled by Pam T