Maximum Ride reading levels

James Patterson's series has become hugely popular. In fact, it's also made it's way into a Manga edition. (You can find those reading levels here.)

We should note that we've linked to the paperback version, but that frequently the hardbacks are only a $1-dollar more. Also, the first 4 books are available in large print. No Spanish versions yet. Sample pages available for all.

bookcover of Angel Experiment by James Patterson#1
Angel Experiment

After the mutant Erasers abduct the youngest member of their group, the "birdkids," the result of genetic experimentation, take off in pursuit and find themselves struggling to understand their own origins and purpose. The plot contains violence.

Word Count: 74,752
Page Count: 464
Accelerated Reading level: 4.6 / points: 11.0
AR quiz: 88565
Lexile: 700L

bookcover of School's Out - Forever by James Patterson#2
School's Out - Forever

After a short stay with an FBI agent who gives them a chance to attend school and live a normal life, the six genetically-altered, winged youths head toward Florida and Max’s ultimate destiny--to save the world, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 73,044
Page Count: 368
Accelerated Reading level: 4.4 / points: 11.0
AR quiz: 107068
Lexile: 660L

bookcover of Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson#3
Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports

The time has come for Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel to face their ultimate enemy and, despite many obstacles, try to save the world from a sinister plan to re-engineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race.

Word Count: 69,674
Page Count: 432
Accelerated Reading level: 4.8 / points: 10.0
AR quiz: 115173
Lexile: 740L

bookcover of Final Warning by James Patterson#4
Final Warning

While on a mission to Antarctica to save the world, fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and members of Flock, a band of genetically modified children who can fly, are pursued by their creator, the Uber-Director, who wants to auction them off.

Word Count: 45,678
Page Count: 320
Accelerated Reading level: 5.0 / points: 7.0
AR quiz: 121551
Lexile: 720L

bookcover of MAX by James Patterson#5

When millions of fish start dying off the coast of Hawaii and something is destroying hundreds of ships, the government enlists the flock, a band of genetically modified children who can fly, to help get to the bottom of the disaster.

Word Count: 55,386
Page Count: 304
Accelerated Reading level: 5.2 / points: 8.0
AR quiz: 129633
Lexile: 770L

bookcover of FANG by James Patterson#6

When Max and the Flock discover an unscrupulous scientist whose experiments on humans are meant to "improve" the human race, they try to stop him, in spite of Angel's prediction. The plot contains sexual references and graphic violence.

Word Count: 53,990
Page Count: 336
Accelerated Reading level: 4.6 / points: 8.0
AR quiz: 136424
Lexile: 680L

bookcover of ANGEL by James Patterson#7

Heartbroken after her best friend and soul mate, Fang, leaves her flock, Maximum Ride begins to believe the evil scientists trying to convince her she needs to save the world, and that Dylan, the newest member of her flock, is her perfect mate.

Word Count: 52,182
Page Count: 352
Accelerated Reading level: 4.8 / points: 8.0
AR quiz: 142954
Lexile: 700L

bookcover of NEVERMORE by James Patterson#8

Max, Fang, and Dylan, reeling over the disappearance of Angel, must embark on a final adventure that will lead them to the ultimate fight.

Word Count: 58,546
Page Count: 384
Accelerated Reading level: 5.1 / points: 9.0
AR quiz: 153144

compiled by Pam T
updated August 2013