Fly Guy for 2nd Graders

FLY GUY by Tedd Arnold is a great series for young readers.  It's fun and motivational and now there are two books at the second grade level.  (You can find the First Grade level books here.)

bookcover of Fly Guy vs The Fly Swatter! by Tedd ArnoldFly Guy vs. The Fly Swatter! #10

Fly Guy unintentionally joins Buzz at school, and then goes with his class on a field trip to a fly swatter factory.

Word Count: 374
Page Count:
Accelerated Reading level: 2.1 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 145162
Lexile: 420L

bookcover of Ride, Fly Guy, Ride! by Tedd ArmoldRide, Fly Guy, Ride! #11

Fly guy is riding with Buzz and Buzz's dad when he gets blown out the window. In getting home he ends up traveling in all kinds of vehicles, even a circus train!

Word Count: 262
Page Count:
Accelerated Reading level: 2.0 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 150304
Lexile: 470L