THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE - First Grade reading levels

The Short List!
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If you have a Thomas fan in your life you probably won't need  more than a quick look at the title to let you know which story lies inside.

If this is the case you can use the following 'short' list to find these 1st Grade books at Amazon. Or alternatively, you can use this printable list  to take with you to the library.

If you'd like to look at Thomas books at the pre-primer or kindergarten level go here.

AR 1.0 and 1.1
Thomas Goes Fishing
Fast Train, Slow Train
Animals Everywhere!
Thomas And The School Trip
Happy Birthday, Thomas
¡ Feliz cumpleaños, Tomás!

Thomas and Percy and the Dragon

AR 1.2 and 1.3
Gordon's New View
James Goes Buzz, Buzz
Trouble In The Tunnel

AR 1.4 and up
Easter Engines
Henry and the Elephant
Henry's Bad Day
Secret Of The Green Engine
Thomas' Railway Word Book

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