CLEOPATRA - books at the 4th Grade level

There are two books at the Fourth Grade reading level about the famous queen.  If  you would like to take a look at a Fictional  tie-in book, you might consider Walk Like an Egyptian by David Lopez.  This book is at AR 4.9 (with 2 points).  Quiz # 86621

bookcover of CLEOPATRA  (Great Women Leaders)  by Jane Bingham
(Great Women Leaders)
by Jane Bingham

Pictures, maps, and sidebars are used in this basic biography.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 2,471
Page Count:  32
Accelerated Reading level: 4.0 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 126716

bookcover of CLEOPATRA:  The Life Of An Egyptian Queen  by Gary Jeffrey CLEOPATRA:  The Life Of An Egyptian Queen
(Graphic Non-Fictiion)
by Gary Jeffrey

This book has been designed with high-low readers in mind.  It uses a graphic-novel style and includes historical background text, maps, primary source images, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. 

Word Count: 6,786
Reading Level: 4.6
Accelerated Reading level: 4.6 / points: 1.0
AR quiz: 84083

 compiled by Pam T