CASTLE GLOWER series (Jessica Day George) reading level information

JESSICA DAY GEORGE  has penned this series which features the feisty Celie.  Very good reviews from GoodReaders and Amazonians.

bookcover of TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE  (Castle Glower #1) by Jessica Day George
(Castle Glower #1)

4.04 Stars from 3,531 GoodReaders

Celie lives with her family in a magical castle.  It's a place where the Castle itself adds and subtracts rooms on a regular basis.  Up to now there hasn't been a real reason to create a map, but Celie's been doing just that.  And then, suddenly, her map and knowledge is crucial; because Castle has been waylaid, and Cilie's family has gone missing, leaving her to defend what she holds dear.

Word Count: 50,843
Page Count:  228
Accelerated Reading level: 5.8 / points: 8.0
AR quiz: 148811
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(Castle Glower #2)

4.07 Stars from 99 GoodReaders

Things get really strange when on her way to classes, Celie discovers an egg.  An egg with a griffin inside.

Page Count:  235
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