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Benny Imura is having this problem with Z's
In the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America where Benny Imura lives, every teenager must find a job by the time they turn fifteen or get their rations cut in half. Benny doesn't want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother Tom, but he has no choice. He expects a tedious job whacking zoms for cash, but what he gets is a vocation that will teach him what it means to be human.

ROT AND RUIN is a fabulous series.  Jonathan Maberry has managed to write an exceeding good  story that is both action-packed and thoughtful.  He takes a very different approach to the undead. One that I found very refreshing.

A Guy-friendly read. Starts a little slowly but has a lot to offer.    Recommended.

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(Benny Imura, #0.5)
3.99 STARS from 337 GoodReaders
This was a FREE short story that I had a valid link to.  It's probably still free but you might have to look around for it.  The story is about 13 pages long and was put out as a PDF that you could read with your browser.  It's a great way to test whether the series is for you --if you can find it. 

(Benny Imura, #1)
bookcover of ROT & RUIN (Rot and Ruin series/Benny Imura #1) by Jonathan Maberry ROT & RUIN
 4.13 avg rating — 19,216 ratings

The story begins with an introduction to Benny Imura, his brother, Tom,  and the town of Mountainside: a small enclosed community where survivors eek out a living in a post apocalyptic United States.

Benny, who is soon to turn 15, has a tough decision to make.  On his next birthday he will have to take a job as an apprentice or face having his rations cut in half. Problem is, Benny doesn't see anything he wants to do.

The obvious choice would be to follow in the footsteps of his brother, who is a highly respected zombie killer.  But that just doesn't seem possible -- and this is where the book develops some depth.  Benny and Tom, you see, are frequently at loggerheads.  Turns out that since they lost their parents THAT Night, Benny has resented Tom for running away and leaving their mother to die.

Well, you know how life is. Turns out the only thing that Benny's good for is zombie-killing, and thus he ends up apprenticing to his brother.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 111,009
Accelerated Reading level:  5.0 / points: 17.0
AR quiz: 139855
Lexile: HL780L
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(Benny Imura, #1.5)
4.06 avg rating — 300 ratings
These short stories fall between Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay.

(Benny Imura, #2)
bookcover of DUST & DECAY (Rot and Ruin series/Benny Imura #2) by Jonathan MaberryDUST & DECAY
4.32 avg rating — 9,724 ratings

In this book, Benny and Tom are working on a new, better relationship.  And Tom trains his brother and his friends, only to have them go in search of the plane they saw in Rot & Ruin.

Word Count: 115,900
Page Count: 544
Accelerated Reader:  5.1 / points: 18.0
AR quiz: 146281
Lexile: 770L

(Benny Imura, #2.5)
4.21 avg rating — 489 ratings
This is a novella that introduces us to a new character named Riot (formerly Sister Margaret).  Riot was part of a group of zealots.  That is, until she runs away.  After that the church decides they need her back.

(Benny Imura, #3)
bookcover of FLESH & BONE  (Rot and Ruin series/Benny Imura #3) by Jonathan MaberryFLESH & BONE
4.22 avg rating — 5,900 ratings

There are new monsters!  There's the Night Church, who are making their way across the country, killing everyone who doesn’t join them.  And there are new and evolving Zombs.
Word Count: 102,314
Page Count:  480
Accelerated Reader:  5.2 / points: 16.0
AR quiz: 154944
Lexile: 750L

(Benny Imura, #3.5)
TOOTH & NAIL: A Rot & Ruin Story
4.29 avg rating — 251 ratings
Benny and the gang reach Sanctuary, but it's not what they expected.  What's cool about this story for fans of Maberry are that Joe Ledger (Patient Zero, Extinction Machine) and Iron Mike Sweeney (The Pine Deep Trilogy) pop in for some cameo shots.

(Benny Imura, #4)
bookcover of FIRE & ASH  (Rot and Ruin series/Benny Imura #4) by Jonathan Maberry

4.40 avg rating — 2,901 ratings 

Benny Imura and his friends have made it to Sanctuary but their problems don't end.

Word Count: 114,607
Page Count: 544
Accelerated Reader: 5.4 / points: 18.0
AR quiz: 160843 
Lexile: 770L

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