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Monsters, fashion, fun... squee!!!  Clever names, puns, television specials, and dolls make the Monster High book franchise a series with strong appeal.

The author, Lisi Harrison (best selling author of THE CLIQUE) knows her audience.  Before penning her MONSTER HIGH books she worked at MTV developing programming.

These books contain some sexual innuendos --like to sexting-- and references to 'making out'.  So not for little girls.

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bookcovers of the  MONSTER HIGH series by Lisi Harrison


3.73 avg rating — 3,998 ratings

This book is told from two points of view.  First there's the "normi" Melody.  She just had a nose job and moved from California to Oregon.  Then there's Frankie Stein, a girl monster who is only 15 days old.  Both are now attending 'Monster' High.

Most reviewers comment that they really wish the story had just been about Frankie.  But as it is, it tells about boy-crazy Melody, and green Frankie who is busy passing herself off as a normi... but who never stoops to betraying who she really is inside.

Fun pop references to things like Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, fashionista items.

Reading Information:
Word Count: 54,142
Page Count:  272
Accelerated Reader:  4.5 / points: 8.0
AR quiz: 139306
Reading Counts:  4.1 / points:14.0
Lexile: 680L
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Monster High
Word Count:  64,728
Page Count:  304
Accelerated Reader:  5.0 / points: 10.0
AR quiz: 139306SP


3.97 avg rating — 1,856 ratings

Enter Deuce and Cleo de Nile as the school popularity structure is upset by Melody and Frankie.

Cleo thinks she'll impress people with a chance to be in a photo shoot.  So imagine her surprise when her friends turn her down to be in a video.

Word Count: 49,844
Page Count: 256
Accelerated Reading level: 4.5 / points: 7.0
AR quiz: 143455
Reading Counts:  4.1 / points:13.0
Lexile: 670L
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4.06 avg rating — 1,376 ratings

This book features Clawdeen Wolf, of course.  She finds she has to lay low when the GHOUL NEXT DOOR video goes viral.

Word Count: 49,240
Page Count: 272
Accelerated Reading level: 4.5 / points: 7.0
AR quiz: 146777
Reading Counts:  4.1 / points:13.0
Lexile: 670L
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3.91 avg rating — 744 ratings

Uh-oh.  DracuLaura is back in style and things look like they are going great... until her father shows up.  Daddy Dracula thinks that the RADs should have their own school, away from the Norms.  Will the gang be able to stay?

Word Count: 50,940
Page Count: 256
Accelerated Reader: 4.4 / points: 7.0
AR quiz: 151424
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