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Thomas the Tank Engine taught my son to read. Without Thomas, Percy and the rest of the gang, I don't think Dave would have ever slowed down enough actually practice. And while he loved having me read the stories, he wanted to 'do it himself!'

The Steamies provide EXCELLENT motivation for little guys to learn to read, especially as there are books at many different levels. From books suitable for beginning readers (with a little experience under their belts) to those capable of reading at the 3rd and 4th grade levels.

Lists by Cover

bookcover of Catch Me, Catch Me! (Thomas and Friends)bookcover of The Close Shave (Thomas and Friends)bookcover of The Great Race (Thomas and Friends)bookcover of Stuck in the Mud (Thomas and Friends)bookcover of Thomas the Jet Engine

See this list of book for kindergarteners -- books under AR Level 1

First Grade

bookcover of Thomas Goes Fishingbookcover of Fast Train, Slow Trainbookcover of Animals Everywhere! bookcover of Thomas And The School Tripbookcover of Happy Birthday, Thomas bookcover of Thomas and Percy and the Dragonbookcover of Gordon's New Viewbookcover of James Goes Buzz, Buzzbookcover of Trouble In The Tunnel bookcover of Henry and the Elephantbookcover of Easter Enginesbookcover of Henry's Bad Daybookcover of Thomas' Railway Word Book

See this list of books for First (1st) Graders
-- books from AR Level 1.0 to 1.9


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