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John Sandford is a popular writer of mysteries and thrillers and UNCAGED is the first book in his new series: The Singular Menace.

UNCAGED is a NYTimes Best Seller.

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bookcover of UNCAGED (The Singular Menace #1)  by John Sandford and Michele CookUNCAGED
(The Singular Menace #1)
by John Sandford and Michele Cook

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3.83 avg rating — 214 ratings 

NOT for the Squeamish. Animal torture and human torture.

Kids versus corrupt companies.  Shay and Odin are orphans living with foster parents.  Oden is older and when he turns 18 he joins a radical animal rights group.  The group breaks into a lab and finds some horrific stuff.

Odin, who is a high autistic, makes a frantic call to Shay and tells her he's scared and needs to hide. Shay takes off to find him, knowing that nothing will stop her from saving her brother.

Reading Information:
Page Count: 416
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 Lexile: 870L
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