The Brotherband Chronicles are a spin-off of John Flanagan's extremely popular Ranger's Apprentice series.

A great series for guys. May make them compulsive book readers. Contains violence.

bookcover of Brotherband Chronicles:The Outcasts
by John Flanagan

4.40 Stars from 4,745 Goodreaders

Hal and Stig may be outcasts, but they are willing to fight for what's right. They face off against rival groups to try and prove themselves.

Word Count: 105,602
Page Count: 464
Accelerated Reading level: 5.5 / points: 16.0
AR quiz: 147775
Lexile: 780L

by John Flanagan

4.40 Stars from 2,821 Goodreaders

Book 2. In book #1, outcasts from Skandia battle other bands. In this book the Herons' celebrations come to a end when a relic sacred to the Skandians goes missing and they are blamed.

Word Count: 106,831
Page Count: 432
Accelerated Reading level: 5.7/ points: 17.0
AR quiz: 151123

bookcover of book#3, Brotherband Chronicles:THE HUNTERSTHE HUNTERS

4.42 Stars from 1,564 Goodreaders

Hal and the brotherband crew are hot on the trail of the pirate Zavac.

Word Count: 98,324
Page Count: 432
Accelerated Reading level: 5.6 / points: 15.0
AR quiz: 155023
Lexile: 780L

Updated July 2013 
compiled by Pam T