Pirates! for Beginning First Graders

Ahoy! Have a new reader that would walk the plank for a book about pirates? Here are the easiest books we could locate. This selection is for beginning 1st Grade readers to practice with. (AR 1 to AR 1.4)

bookcover of Pirate Pete by Lynne BentonPirate Pete
by Lynne Benton

Pirate Pete searches for buried treasure, but finds something even better.

Word Count: 69
Page Count: 23
Accelerated Reading level: 1.0 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 121516
Lexile: 230L
  • Publisher: Crabtree Publishing (2008)
  • ISBN-10: 0778738922

bookcover of Benny And Penny In Just Pretend by Geoffrey HayesBenny And Penny In Just Pretend
by Geoffrey Hayes


Benny finds that pesky little sister, Penny, is interfering with his pretending to be a pirate. When Penny won't take no for an answer --and insists on hugs! -- Benny tries to lose her. The problem is that he gets a little lost himself. This is when Penny proves her bravery and usefulness by saving Benny from a bug. All ends well.

Word Count: 333
Page Count: 32
Accelerated Reading level: 1.1 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 121598
Lexile: GN90L

bookcover of  The Pirate's Treasure by Joy CowleyThe Pirate's Treasure
(Out-of-Print, but available cheap used)
Cowley, Joy

LOL--This pirate does such a good job of hiding his treasure, even he can't find it.

Word Count: 64
Page Count: 8?
Accelerated Reading level: 1.1 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 4095
  • Publisher: Dominie Elementary
  • ISBN-10: 1562707574

bookcover of Dora In The Deep Sea by Christine RicciDora In The Deep Sea
by Christine Ricci

Pirate Pig needs help and Dora and Boots are happy to help in the search for Pig's lost treasure chest. Features fun rebuses which my kids always enjoyed. SEE my ancient review at Amazon here.

Word Count: 220
Page Count:
Accelerated Reading level: 1.3 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 75359
  • Publisher: Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
  • ISBN-10: 0689858450
  • sample pages available

bookcover of Eloise's Pirate Adventure by Kay ThompsonEloise's Pirate Adventure
(Ready-to-Read. Level 1)
by Kay Thompson

Eloise plays dress-up pirate, but can't find treasure, even with the help of the staff. (She lives at a hotel.)

Word Count: 238
Page Count: 32
Accelerated Reading level: 1.5 / points: 0.5
AR quiz: 120168

compiled by Pam