Dav Pilkey Books - The Index

Dav has written and drawn some of the most popular books in 'Boy Land'. These are books that can get even the busiest boy to slow down enough to spend some time with a book.


Captain Underpants
--children love this series. I can't even guess how many times my Dave has read them. At the 4th and 5th Grade levels.

Dumb Bunnies
--this series appeals to the goofy in kids. At the 2nd & Grade level, except for one 3.1.

Super Diaper Baby
--when Harold and George of 'Captain Underpants' are forbidden to draw anymore of the heroes stories, they come up with this pint-sized hero. At the 2nd Grade level.

Ricky Ricotta & his Giant Robot
--Seven books in the series. Some in Spanish. At the multiple levels.

The Dragon series
--These 5 books are at the 2nd & 3rd Grade level. But more importantly they're a great selection to share with little ones.


Dav Pilkey's book at the 1st Grade level

Dav Pilkey's books at the 2nd Grade level

compiled by iPam