HEIST SOCIETY reading information

Ally Carter is popular with the Middle Grade set.  Her Gallagher Girls series is just as popular as the Heist Society. And just because they're chicklit, doesn't mean these books aren't jammed packed with action and suspense.

bookcover of HEIST SOCIETY  (Heist Society #1 )by Ally Carter

Katarina is a girl who knows her own mind.  And right now she's set on leaving the  family business—thieving. But Kat never gets a chance to break out because a mobster's art collection has been stolen and her dad is the only suspect. 

Kat’s got two weeks to steal the paintings back.  So she gather's her crews and they all hope they've got what it takes to pull off this dangerous heist.

Word Count: 58,905
Page Count:  287
Accelerated Reading level: 5.5 / points: 9.0
AR quiz: 136305
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bookcover of UNCOMMON CRIMINALS  (Heist Society #2 )by Ally Carter

Kat and her buddies have a new mission: stealing back the "Cleopatra Emerald" from an unscrupulous dealer so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

Word Count: 61,988
Page Count:  298
Accelerated Reading level: 5.3 / points: 9.0
AR quiz: 144768
Lexile: 790L
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bookcover of PERFECT SCOUNDRELS (Heist Society #3 )by Ally Carter PERFECT SCOUNDRELS

W.W. Hale V comes from a business dynasty.  And unlike in Kat's world, in Hale's family money is more important than any relationship.   So when Hale unexpectedly inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar corporation, trouble soon follows.

With Hale a 'mark', Kat finds she has to marshall all her wits if she's to protect her boyfriend. 

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