Tony Abbott TIME SURFER reading levels

Tony Abbott writes kid-friends, boy-friendly books that are typically packed with action and camaraderie.  This series features Ned Banks, Roop and Suzi --the Time Surfers!

bookcover of SPACE BINGO (Time Surfer series #1) by Tony AbbottSPACE BINGO
The adventure begins!  And this book starts with a miserable Ned Banks.  You see, he's the new kid in school and he's not exactly succeeding on the popularity front.

It's all pretty gloomy until somehow Ned manages to beam two Time Surfers from the year 2099 into his bedroom closet.  The kids hit it off and soon Roop and Suzi ask Ned to join them.  What could be cooler than that!

Word Count: 10,792
Page Count: 112
Accelerated Reading level: 3.2 / points: 1.0
AR quiz: 121749

bookcover of  ORBIT WIPEOUT! (Time Surfer series #2) by Tony AbbottORBIT WIPEOUT!
This story begins with Ned looking forward to a week long visit from his best friend Ernie.  However, before his guest can arrive, Ned gets an urgent call saying that he needs to travel ASAP to outer space.  Roop and Suzi have to check out an abandoned space station and they want Ned with them.

When the gang arrives, they find the biggest villain of the century waiting for them.  And oddly enough, a villain named Klenn, a bad guy from on of Ned’s comic books.  Weird!  And scary. 

But if the bad guys come to life, Ned wonders if the good guy from the comic books will also come to life.  He certainly hopes so.  Otherwise the Time Surfers might be trapped forever!

Word Count: 10,086
Accelerated Reading level: 3.4 / points: 1.0
AR quiz: 121748

Vorg, the evil master of time, has traveled into the past and changed the future.  Can the Time Surfers  make things right?

Word Count: 12,097
Accelerated Reading level: 3.4 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 125761

Vorg’s hatching a plan to eliminate the Time Surfers forever. And Ned Banks is first on his list.

Word Count: 11,601
Accelerated Reading level: 3.7 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 125760

NED, ERNIE, ROOP, and Suzi are hot on Vorg’s trail when they crash-land on an island paradise.  Or it would be if it wasn't for some teenagers that are almost as bad as Vorg.  Can the Time Surfers save paradise?

Word Count: 11,660
Accelerated Reading level: 3.8 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 127156

Roop goes missing and Ned, Ernie, and Suzi know they’ve got a big problem. Turns out Kurtz is back and meaner than ever. He’s evil. He’s nasty. And he’s 15. A really deadly combination considering that the villain wants to keep Ned from finding Roop in time....

Word Count: 12,139
Accelerated Reading level: 3.6 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 127162

Ned Banks has waited his entire life to watch a live shuttle launch. But as he waits for the countdown he sees ghostlike blobs swirling around him.  When Roop and Suzi arrive, the Time Surfers watch in awe as the space shuttle launches into a dark cloud and then vanishes. The blobs disappear in the chaos, and so does Ned’s new friend, Julie Tate, whose father is trapped on board the shuttle.

Can the Time Surfers find the space shuttle before it’s too late?

Word Count: 12,095
Accelerated Reading level: 3.8 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 128407

The Time Surfers have got to find the photon crystal.  This crystal is vitally important since it has the power to change time: the present, the future—even the past! But Zoa, a slimy, slippery dronth, is hunting for the crystal too, using every power and ally she has at her disposal. Who will get to the crystal first? And who will control the future?

Word Count: 12,232
Accelerated Reading level: 3.7 / points: 2.0
AR quiz: 128400