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NICOLE WILLIAMS CRASH series made the New York Times bestseller list in May (2013).  There is currently no reading information for her series, but I did want to include them with the hope that Accelerated Reading and Lexile numbers would be forthcoming.

You can read reviews at GoodReads.  Essentially though, I think these books are going to appeal to young adults that like good girl/bad boy romances.  Squee!

bookcover of CRASH (Crush #1) by Nicole Williams CRASH
(Crash #1)  

4.13 Stars from 22,074 GoodReaders 

Lucy's a girl with focus.  She wants more than anything to go to Julliard to dance.  Her troubles start with her parents financial problems which throws her into a school that's not the quality she is used to.

Jude is the 'squee!' bad boy.  The kid with a 2 page juvie sheet.

AND yet they are drawn to one another.  

Page Count: 215
no reading information

bookcover of CLASH (Crush #2) by Nicole Williams CLASH
(Crash #2)   

4.25 Stars from 16,280 GoodReaders

Lucy and Jude are now in college; and distance and a cunning cheerleader with her eyes on Jude, puts their relationship to the test.  I understand it ends with a cat fight.  Meow.

Page Count: 216
no reading information

bookcover of CRUSH (Crush #3) by Nicole Williams CRUSH
(Crash #3)

4.32 Stars from 7,778 GoodReaders

Jude and Luce are engaged!  And this time the story line is reversed, as it's Jude that is having trust issues.  Can they really make it work?

Page Count: 389
no reading information

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