MY THIRTEENTH WINTER/ Samantha Abeel reading level information

MY THIRTEENTH WINTER by Samantha Abeel is an interesting that demonstrates that in many ways the old saw, that we are all special, is true.  Samantha is amazingly talented, and yet, must constantly deal with learning disabilities and social difficulties.  

SCHOLASTIC writes, "My Thirteenth Winter is an inspiring story of persistence and strength. As Samantha chronicles her struggle - from frustration and failure to full-scale panic attacks and depression — she also paints a picture of hope. She learns to accept who she is and to ask for help. Samantha gives special praise to those teachers who helped her cope with her learning disability with understanding and patience. "  (read more here)

bookcover of MY THIRTEENTH WINTER by Samantha Abeel


3.72 Stars from 383 GoodReaders

Reading Information:
Word Count: 53,533
Page Count:  208
Accelerated Reading level: 7.1 / points: 9.0
AR quiz: 73836
Lexile: 1050L
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