Lists by Topic

Ancient Greece
-- a index of books on the Ancient Greeks we've reviewed. (See also HISTORY)

-- a list of books about juicy, delicious apples (See also JOHNNY APPLESEED)

April is Poetry Month
-- a list of kid-friendly poets and poetry

  • Newbury Winners
    -- this list features Newbury Prize Winning books by Year, with descriptions and other information, including AR/Lexile levels

Back to School
-- a pictorial list of books about going to back to school.

  • Jackie Robinson - Baseball great -- an assortment of reading levels
  • POWER PITCHER (ORIG. TITLE: BASEBALL PALS) by popular author Matt Christopher

Black History Month (see History)



The Civil Rights Movement (see History)

The Classics

see Ancient Greece
see Shakespeare
see Odysseus

see Rapunzel

Chris Van Allsburg

Difficult Subjects -- a selection of books for young children that deal with arguing with friends, death, getting into trouble, and divorce.

- a list of the Easiest Easy Readers featuring Easter. AR 0.8 to 1.5

Fall Leaves
-- a list of books featuring fall leaves, including ones on why leaves turn colors in the fall.

Gary Paulsen (see Paulsen, Gary)

Great Men and Women
  • Neil Armstrong
    -- A list of Easy Readers about the First Man to step onto the Moon. (AR 2.6 to AR 3.5)
  • Clara Barton
    -- A list of books about the founder of the American Red Cross, and a tireless worker for equal rights.
  • Einstein
    -- A list of books about the founder of the American Red Cross, and a tireless worker for equal rights. AR 2.3 to AR 5.0
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
    -- Studying peaceful movements or the 1960's or the prolonged struggle for equality of all people? Here's a list of good reads --with reading information-- about this important American leader.
  • Ruby Bridges
    -- Studying the 1960's? Here are some good books with reading information about the little girl who came to symbolize a wider movement.
  • Sojourner Truth
    -- A list of books and internet resources about this fascinating civil rights worker.
  • Thomas Edison
    -- A list of 3 good books for elementary aged children. Reading Levels: 2 and 4.
  • Thurgood Marshall
    -- A list of books by reading level about the first black Supreme Court Justice.

Greece (see Ancient Greece)

Lion And The Mouse
-- a list of books featuring the Aesop classic. Read-Alouds and practice readers.

Halloween (see spooky books)

Hibernation (see Winter)

History (see also Great Men & Women)
  • Lewis and Clark
    -- This post features 3 more advanced books. One is Historical Fiction, the other two are non-fiction.

Outer Space
(see Space)

Gary Paulsen (Books Boys Love)
  • Books for Younger Readers
    -- List of books Gary did with his wife that are poetic and beautiful and appropriate for younger readers.

Plants and Trees and Flowers (see also, Spring!)

Popular Chapter Book series

Jack Prelutsky

  • (see also Rapunzel)

--A list of fun books about pumpkins, with reading information.

--A list of easy readers and chapter books about the Jewish Holiday of Purim. AR 1.0 to 6.0

  • Five Most Highly Rated Rapunzel books
    -- We looked at reviews at Goodreads, LibraryThing and Amazon to come up with the 5 most popular books about the long haired lass. Reading levels from 2.7 to 5.5 (Elementary to YA)

Saint Patrick/ St. Patrick's Day
-- A list of books for younger readers featuring Saint Patrick and his day. Reading levels from .08 to 2.0

Seeds! (see Plants and Trees and Flowers)


Sharks! The Easiest Easy Readers
-- a list of Easy Readers beginning at AR 1.1 and going to AR 1.9


(Outer Space)

Spooky Books and Mysteries


Spring! (see also Earth Day, Cherry Blossoms)
  • Spring! Popular Books for Kids
    -- our list of books about Spring that rated well and that would great to read to children, or that they can read for themselves. Reading Level information included, of course.

Star Wars!
  • Star Wars Central
    -- a list of 5 Star Wars books for more accomplished readers (AR 2 to 6). These will get a lot of boys and girls motivated to reading a series.


Winter and Hibernation